Oncology Imaging

Radiology plays a major role in modern Oncology. Imaging is used in the early detection of cancer, diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow-up assessment of therapy for cancer. Proactive preventative screening tests include, for example, mammography and ultrasound for detection of breast cancer, chest x-ray and CT for detection of lung cancer, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound or CT for solid organ tumours, and barium enema or CT colonoscopy for colonic polyps. Accurate characterisation of lesions and guidance for percutaneous biopsy is provided by sectional imaging. The extent and spread of neoplasms is assessed using multiple modalities in order to make treatment decisions. A relatively new technology with high sensitivity is PET CT, combining the sensitivity of PET with the spacial resolution of CT. A growing role for radiology is in the area of intervention. Minimally invasive techniques are increasingly being used to treat tumours using embolisation and ablation, for example. Finally imaging is used to assess progression of cancer, or to show response to treatment.

The radiologists at Bloch & Partners have extensive experience in oncological imaging and work closely with the oncology centre at Morningside Clinic.