Patient Information

What you need to prepare before getting a scan:  

CT Colonography/ Virtual Colonoscopy  

Requires one day of preparation before the day of the scan:  

Clear fluid diet for the whole day For example Jelly, clear soups, Marmite/Bovril with hot water Black Tea or Coffee ( No Dairy)  

14:00    Take one sachet Picoprep  
19:00    Take one sachet Picoprep  
21:00    Take 20mls Gastrografin     

The above to be collected from our department  

How to prepare Picoprep

Dissolve the contents of the Picoprep packet in a cup of cold water ( approx 150ml) Stir for 2-3 minutes The solution may become warm allow to cool before drinking  

NB: On the Day of the examination , NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK        


No caffeine, smoking or exercising before your appointment on the day of the scan. You will need to arrive an hour before the actual scan time for your heart to be monitored. The slower your heart rate, the better the image quality of your scan , so you will be given a Beta blocker tablet to bring this down, and once it is sufficiently low, then the scan will take place You need to be relaxed , and bring a relaxing book to read while you wait      

CT scan of the Abdomen and Pelvis.  

Depending on what your Doctor is querying, you will most probably be asked to drink one litre of an oral preparation (to be collected from the department) over three hours before the scan Nothing else to eat or drink for 6 hours before your scheduled appointment  

  1. First glass 3 hours before the scan
  2. Second glass 2 hours before the scan
  3. Third glass 2 hour before the scan
  4. Fourth glass ½ hour prior to the scan

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