We will be celebrating International day of Radiology on 8th November

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Sandton Radiology staff enjoying Heritage Day 2017

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Sandton Radiology staff got into the swing of things to show their culture and celebrate Heritage day. They received many appreciative compliments from patients and Doctors alike

We will soon be getting a new state of the art CT  160 slice scanner to the Mediclinic Morningside branch




The Aquilion PRIME has advantages over previous generation scanners in its ability to scan people with obesity, better image quality and a significant reduction in radiation doses with the advanced iterative reconstruction.

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Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)





It is important to have a breast MRI done at a facility with MRI equipment designed specifically for the imaging of the breasts.

Sandton Radiology now offers state of the art breast imaging at the Medicinic Morningside branch , with a dedicated team of female radiographers , Radiologists and nursing staff, offering a high quality breast facility.


The MRI machine is a large, cylindrical (tube-shaped) machine that creates a strong magnetic field around the patient. The magnetic field, along with radio waves, alters the hydrogen atoms’ natural alignment in the body. Computers are then used to form a two-dimensional (2D) image of a body structure or organ, based on the activity of the hydrogen atoms. Cross- sectional views can be obtained to reveal further details. MRI does not use radiation, unlike standard x-rays or CT scans.

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2015 saw many changes at Sandton Radiology

The most notable being the retirement of the stalwart Bev Ryan, it was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye, and one of my comments to Bev, was that she did not have to wait for a funeral gathering to see how popular, and well respected she is, as her retirement party, held in the Penthouse of Mediclinic Morningside, was well attended by colleagues, physicians and friends alike. Below is an excerpt from a speech written about Bev, by one of the partners, Dr Bretton woods, and sums up a notable career of an incredible staff member and friend:


In that momentous and somewhat notorious year of 1985, Bev Ryan crossed the Rubicon from the Kenridge Hospital and joined Drs Bloch and partners at Morningside Clinic. At around the same time at the tender age of 9, I used to drive past the shiny new buildings of the Morningside Clinic on the way to school and wonder if I'd work there one day. I realize now that at those very moments, Bev was already running around this department, probably knee deep in x-ray processor chemicals, Barium and various other fluids which I won't specify, grafting away just as she has done, day in day out, over the 30 years that have followed.


Many of the clinicians and radiologists here tonight have known Bev much longer than I have. I arrived at Morningside for my first locum nearly a decade ago, just three days after graduation and seriously wet behind the ears. Suffice it to say I was well out of my comfort zone. By lunchtime on day 1, I had seen more arthritic hips x-rayed replaced and re x-rayed, more day-ward abdominal ultrasounds performed, and more whole body oncology CT's and knee MRI's done, than I had been used to seeing in weeks. The turnover of patients was like nothing I'd ever experienced, and there in the middle, conducting this orchestra of organized chaos amongst the pressurized clinicians, the demanding patients and the squabbling internal staff, was Bev Ryan. She has been the constant, competent and committed center around which the hectic Morningside radiology department has revolved, for as long as we can all remember.


From the days of silver nitrate and wet x-ray plates, air encephalograms through lumbar puncture needles, and archaic angiograms using cumbersome pneumatic devices resembling paintball guns, Bev has seen radiology at Morningside transition from analogue x-rays to a digital radiography mini-PACS and on to a full Siemens PACS network. She then branched into IT as our Operations Manager, gained extensive networking skills and took over greater responsibility at our Sandton branch. She banished the Promed information system in favor of HealthFocus, which entailed learning the accounting side of the business as well as the imaging. In recent years she phased in our Dragon speech recognition software and this year, she rolled out her swansong, the new and generally very well received Carestream PACS.


As Chief Radiographer and subsequently Operations Manager, Bev has shown unprecedented and unparalleled dedication to the practice, making herself available 24/7/365 for all manner of complaints and logistical problems. She has put out innumerable fires and talked many an irate patient back down to reason. Her standards and expectations of staff have always been high, and she has played a prominent and constructive role in quality control within our department.  She has always been generous with her time, unfailingly enthusiastic and willing to teach, and has frequently put herself to considerable personal inconvenience (and sometimes personal expense) in order to help out her colleagues.


Notwithstanding her phenomenal commitment to her job, she has single parented and educated two wonderful young people, her son Patric and daughter Samantha, who will no doubt be delighted to have her close when she relocates to the UK.


Bev, to say that we are sad to see you retire would be the most ridiculous understatement. The team who will be sharing your responsibilities going forward will certainly have their work cut out for them but we are confident that they will be successful in emulating your high standards and commitment to the practice.


We will really miss the brisk click of your heels from which a well-tuned ear could establish your location anywhere in the department; your unwavering smile in the face of a seemingly endless series of mini-crises; and the caring maternal way in which you have taken an interest in and looked after your colleagues at all levels in the practice.


We wish you health, happiness and everything of the best in your retirement years.