I visited SMC X-Ray earlier today and was amazed at the refreshing service that I had received from reception through to the lady that performed my ultrasound, Raksha.

I appreciated the warm welcome and humble service from all staff today.

Please keep up the amazing work that you are doing-especially during our challenging times.


I went for X-rays this morning at your clinic. I have never met such friendly and helpful workers as your ladies at the front desk. Their jovial dispositions, friendly smiles, and obvious enjoyment of what they do was infectious.

For the first time ever I left an X-ray department or hospital in a better mood than when I arrived. Well done on an awesome team!


I would just like to thank you and commend you for the way in which you guys run your department at Morningside.

I was there on Friday, 17 February at about 10:00 for a CT scan. The professionalism, quick and friendly services, and efficiency is the best I have ever experienced and I have been for a lot of scans / xrays / mri’s to a lot of different medical facilities over the last ten years or so.

You guys treated me better than how I was treated when I was physically not well, obviously at a different facility..

My sincere appreciation.


Hi there, 


My husband, Desmond went for an MRI this morning at the Sandton Mediclinic. He was so impressed with the way the ladies helped him and made him feel at ease especially the lady that assisted him in the MRI. So I thought I would just take the opportunity to thank all the staff in Radiology for being so efficient. 




I attended at your rooms for a mammogram on the 20th April 2016, which I have done on 3 or 4 previous occasions and I must commend you on the friendly professionalism of your operation.

I did not obtain the names of all the staff who I came into contact with, but Suraya assisted me with the initial update of my details and also undertook, after my examination, to email the results to my doctor. The radiographer, Crystal as well as the trainee and supervisor who handled my sonar scan, were also friendly, professional and informative. Your accounts staff were likewise friendly and efficient.

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Dear Sandton Radiology team,


I’d like to highlight some important points about my visit to the x-ray department at Morningside Clinic today:

  • Arrival at the admin desk (outstanding)
  • Facility at the mammogram section (outstanding)
  •  Procedure itself (outstanding)
  • Ultrasound (outstanding)
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